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Blue October – Amazing lyrics

How am I supposed to breathe?
I try to relax. I touch your still frame
So I can watch you closer
And study the ways I believe I belong to you, to you
So I scratch at your waist line... Your doll hair
I dig up the thought of how your eyes glow
So I make you my religion, my collision, my escape goat
So have I found your secret weak spot, baby?

Can you pretend I'm amazing?
I can pretend I'm amazing...
Instead of what we both know
Instead of what we both know
I cut to the punch line baby
Can we pretend I'm amazing
Instead of what we both know

Now our history is for sale
And for that I apologize
You see you're my only know how
The study of when I believed I belonged to you, to you
You see I've made you into something more delicious,
My sweet ghost
So have I found your secret weak spot, baby?


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    Read John Fowles, The Collector to really understand the meaning of the lyrics. Furstenberg's other lyrics inform us that this song is about a predator that stalks his prey (vibrant women) and, like a vampire, can only live off of the life of others (how am I supposed to breathe?) - He targets a woman, relaxes as he looks at a freeze frame of her photograph and while touching it imagines that he belongs to her. She becomes his religion (obsession), his collision (transfer of energy), and escape goat (scapegoat) while he observes her long enough to find her "secret weak spot." Once he finds it and becomes certain of success, he moves in for the kill; telling her what she wants to hear so that he can absorb and entrap her into his sick little world. At first, she believes that he is “ amazing”, until he has feds off "how her eyes glow" so long that the glow is gone and she is, for all intent and purposes, "a sweet ghost" (an apparition of what she once was.) By that time, she is just a part of his history exposed in the tabloids while he is off with his next victim (the punch line). At that moment, neither can pretend that he is amazing because they both know he is nothing more than a shell of a man - a human predator; certainly not the amazing man he presents to the world, but rather a person who hates himself.
    Warning: Be careful out there. These kinds of guys are everywhere! Serial killers of the soul. Sexual predators who were themselves abused in early childhood and now only seeking to gain back power and control: you are secondary. First sign something is not right, walk away and don’ t look back unless you want to save them from themselves and then you better understand Dissociative Identity Disorder ("DID")because that is what they suffer from! The elephant in the room Furstenberg speaks of in The Blast Interview: “ I like to bring s*t up that people don’ t like to talk about so we can get it out in the open — the elephant in the room. " (See Schizophrenia lyrics).
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    I can only guess of course, but I think this song strongly hints at a man standing beside a casket at a "wake" looking at his deceased beloved. Where else would you have one hand at "dolls hair" and the other at a waist line? Standing alongside an open casket is my guess. I wish Justin would tell us where he got the idea for this song and if indeed it is over someone deceased. Alsok, the ghost reference makes sense. Any other ideas?
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