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Blacker – When Laughing Cows Don't Laugh lyrics

Did my mom tell you that I love you?
Did she tell you I wanted a hug?
Well if she did she was bloody well lying
Cause I'm a freak, I'm a rebel I'm a thug
I spraypaint walls at random
I'd be smoking round the back
I'd be swearing at your mother
Because that's my way of good craic
The only time it changes is when

Laughing cows don't laugh
The sun and the moon don't shine
It's one at these seldom times of time
That I admit to the world that you're mine

Time changes as you grow
The world opens up to your face
There is plenty of oppertunity
But I let it all to waste
Cause I'm a punk, I'm an idiot
I'm the one your mother warned you 'bout
I'l pour gasoline all over your house
Just to hear your parents scream and shout

But when laughing cows don't laugh
And the sun and the moon don't shine
When this happens seldom times
Tell the world that you are mine
I'll change, I can change
Change to who you want me to be
I can change I can change
When the laughing cows don't laugh
And the sun and the moon don't shine
I can change I can change
In that seldom space of time

I can change
Seriously I can
No I'm not kidding!
Honest to god I can!
Do you wanna have a bet
Put me down for 50 bucks
I bet I can change
I swear I'm not bulls***ing
I'm serious!
That's it I'm not hanging around with a bunch of wasters like yourselves
I'm going home good day to you all
(Ye faggots)

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