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Black Lodge – Need A Needle To Tap In The Vein lyrics

Need an Ideal to tap in the Vain
Sinking Idols of Gold Fainted
Lifeless Dolls of Sexual Alienation
Ruined temple of Faith
Empty churches of faked

Need a Needle to Tap in the Vein
It's an urge hard to explain

Need a Needle to Tap in the Vein
Failing blood drunk for oblivion
Their codes tear my mind and blow my head
Fulfill my rusted dreams with Satan's seed

Need an Ideal to tap in the Vain
Crush these worms and their faked faith

Unsane Doors of Dead Grey, dizzy faces
Walls are running away again
I feel the Deathly Lord of orgasm
Everything's so sweet and nasty
Fuck you God
Fuck you God fuck you
And take a look at my Arm
Take A fucking look at my arm, god!
It's a connection with Satan's Realm
It's a point which means an End
It's a Failure for your Angels
It's a Threat for Creation. Oh God!
I'm so pleased to see your face of Emptiness
What can you say?
Do you think my death will save them?
My attitude is a Symbol. And Symbols are keys.
And the Saints opens your kingdom with these Keys.
Men will forget me. Society will buried me.
But your seraphins will screams and go insane.
They will murder each other. Cos my scream is a spell.
And all overdose bite the bells. Ahahahah
Our name's Legion cos we are fucking many God!
Fucking many!
Need A fucking ideal to tap in the vain
Need A fucking needle to tap in the vein!

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