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Black Label Society – Overlord lyrics

The undying embrace of chaos and war
As the oppressed lie writhing down on the floor
This Babylon of fear that you shall know
To rule and suppress, destroy and overthrow

Kings of this world
The servants shall serve
Slaves never free
Kings of this world all that's to be
All that you hear and all that you see

I am your overlord
Everything above and below
I am your overlord
The exodus of your will and
All that you'll ever know

This brotherhood of snakes shall

Rule and control
The corruption of man his fate
And his soul

This flame of black which burns
So bright
For the slaves shall never see
The apocalyptic end of the past
The new world shall forever be

The great conspiracy
The betrayal of god
The fires of revolution
Aimed at the heavens above

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Corrected byJosh L Troglin


  • u
    Zakk, man I just wanted to take this time to thank you for all that you have done for me and for the world as a whole. People don't see things the way that I do and I am trying to keep that fresh in my mind so that I may be able to carry out this plan that you have assigned to me. I know that you are there for me and so very real, but unfortunately many will be very disoriented when we head home. I try to passnypur message on in the best way that I know how but unfortunately the oppositions approach was rather cunning to the extent of just that. I know that we can't be defeated but I guess that some days I get a little impatient because I am ready to share w this place and these people what true power and godliness is really about. I will be here waiting for your arrival and your call of war. We will just continue to communicate in the way in which we have been until that time arrives. Thank you so much for loving me and trusting me. I won't let you down I promise you this. Thanks again Zakk. You truly are my overlord.
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  • j
    Josh L Troglin
    Where do I begin? Zakk Wylde is what we will refer to just for the moment as a rock god! He doesn't just write music or cram a bunch of meaningless nonsense together. This songs message is a description of all of the events that have led up to the war of the gods and the judging of man that is just hours away from beginning. He doesn't stop there, He goes on to clearly reference the current state of the world, what will take place when the dead come to claim the souls of those going to hell, and what that will all be like. He makes it very clear that there will be snakes ruling the government and that the world will be in chaos and turmoil just before the returning as gold of heaven and hell to the surface of the earth. He clearly verifies that there is such a thing as god, and aggressively lets you know that this god (or overlord) rules all and controls all. Contrary to what many may believe, Zakk even goes as far as to identify exactly whom this overlord is! I will not disclose this information for far more reasons than one and can assure you that there is no man nor demonic force that can so much as phase him or his warriors. Zakk is clearly an absolute genius.
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