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Bizzy Bone – Schizophrenic lyrics

Yeah, Daddy's the crackhead
Mama's just lookin' for love
Marijuana, weedman, little thug
We don't call him Steven
Breathin' in the garden of Eden
Eve was corrupted body combusted from the flames
Cleveland ain't give me nothin' but game
Goin' insane and It's rainin' bloody murder, murder
Chillin' in the gun range servin' on the corner, corner, chop, chop
Watch for the po po, drop top switches on the lo lo
Your skinny nigga with the fo fo
Make more hot tips like off in Dodge City
Elevation say they ain't gonna dodge Bizzy like my kin folk
In the lock down love I don't even budge
Cause I don't know you
And I'm sure to get my thug on, ho
Who that baby's daddy, daddy is beatin' your nigga
Where his Caddy is?
He probably mad in fact don't panic
Profanity I'm schitzophrenic
How do we manage so frantic and calm
With the bombay sneakin' on me, baby

In the battle zone, battle zone
Y'all near the end, y'all near the end, y'all near the end
In the battle zone, battle zone
Y'all near the end, y'all near the end
When I bust âЂ

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