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Birds Of Tokyo – The Gap lyrics

I've been at the bottom, I've been living in hell,
The highest of highs got me nothing but stares,
Maybe with the lights out we can be bad,
I'm licking my wounds, I'll be resting my head,

(So how are you to know) that I was the one that let the devil insist,
(I think you oughta know), maybe with the lights out we can be bad,
It started when your eyes rolled back in your head,
See I, can fool them all,
With you there's no way, I got nothing at all,

I strap on my boots and then I kick in the door,
(So how are you to know), I know what I've done but I'll be coming for more,
(I think you better know), Maybe with the lights out we can be bad,
It started when your eyes rolled back in your head,

Stay, the hell away from me,
Cos I do you wrong, I'm begging you leave,
Cos I've seen a crane, I've know how this ends,
It's nothing I wanna see again, I'm begging you please,

To let me go, free yourself,
The world you know, is somewhere else,

See I, have seen it all,
The rage in the bull, the white of his hearts,
And you know me better, then I know myself,
My greatest mistake was giving you up for nothing at all, for nothing at all

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Submitted byalexgazandra


  • u
    I think the most telling line is: "i've seen the crane, i know how this ends.. " crane's are opportunistic feeders and not unlike humans their feeding habits change depending on seasons or taste. Think of that metaphorically in terms of a guy whose broken, hit rock bottom, uses woman to make himself feel better. And you have this song. The voice here is suggesting that they're a broken person. That they'll only hurt the other party in this relationship because they're clearly broken. The other party in this relationship is strong enough to see through them as suggested by the it started when your eyes rolled back in your head. See I can fool them all but with you I have nothing, nothing at all. Lines. In other words, this speaker is a womanizer looking for comfort from women in his own self loathing and misery because he doesn't know who he is. The end of the song is the big miracle transformation flip. Where his sig. Other in this relationship clearly knows him better than he knows himself and he's pushing them away not to hurt them because he cares for her. Etc.
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  • b
    I'm not postive, but I think this songs about how he thinks his a bad person, hes been in relationships were its just s** and he knows how it ends, and he wants the girl to leave so she can be free and happy.
    And maybe the last line means that after shes gone, he realises he could have tried to make himself a better person, he didn't try hard enough to keep the relationship working.
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