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Biohazard – World On Fire lyrics

Take a good hard look at yourself as the world that you live in you now destroy
Don't cry, just ask yourself why you never cared until you started to die
World on fire

Give me one good reason to respect the laws that you obey
Step back and watch it burn as the life you live just slips away

Manipulate the ignorant hordes into hating each other and fighing your wars
With no respect for the people who died and no assistance for the families that cry
World on fire

You expect me to believe that you shoot and kill in the name of peace?
You fuel the hateful twisted minds of the wretched, cruel, diseased
Give me one good reason to respect the lies that you obey, step back and
Watch it burn as the life you live just slips away
Don't let it slip away

Fill our minds with conspiracy they create the hate that we believe
Pollute our lives with your lies and trechery, show our children who is their enemy
While you sit in your oil fields and count all the money that you fucking steel

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