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Billy Crawford – Ride lyrics

A-ha, oh oh oh yeah

I will take you for a ride
With me(oh yeah)
(C'mon yeah)

There's something that I want to
Say to you girl
Straight from my heart
I'm never gonna hurt you
Check up your world
Like he's doing
Just tell him
That you're busy
Got things to do
He won't be seeing you
I'll pick you up at seven(c'mon)
Taken you to heaven
Cause girl...

I will take you for a ride
With me,
Tonight (oh oh oh )
It's just a little drive
Us two, (oh yeah)
So right
I'm fellin'such a vibe(ooh), with you(ooh)
So let's ride(tonight)
No need to fuss or fight
With you tonight
I will take you for a...

Just tell me
What you're feelin
Baby I'd like to know
Straight from your heart
Tonight we're gonna be in, in fantasy
So get in my car
I know what you've been thinking
You're torn apart
But he don't treat you right
I'll be at time at seven
Gonna be in heaven
Cause girl...


I will take you for a ....


Chorus x2

I will take you for a ride
With me
It's just a little drive....

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