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Billy Bob Thornton – Always Countin lyrics

There's always numbers
In my head
A countin hunger
That must be fed

Got some pills
By my bed
Supposed to eat 'em
But I count them instead

Am I crazy
Am I mad
I've run out of fingers
They're all I had

I'm always countin'
I'm always countin'
Only trouble is
I'm countin on me

I wake up achin'
I count the pains
The storm ain't breakin'
I can't count the rain

I count the spectators
But the crowd just grows
I'm a speculator
Of the highs and lows

I've been playing
With a loaded deck
But the card are claiming
I'm a nervous wreck

I'm always countin'
I'm always countin'
Only trouble is
I'm countin on me

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    Billy bob thornton suffers from an obsessive compulsive disorder, resulting from childhood abuse (according to himself). (i wake up achin, I count the pains, the storm aint breaking, I can't count the rain)
    always countin talks about how his disorder has manifested in him- through numbers. (got some pills. By my bed, supposed to eat them, but I count them instead. I've been playing with a loaded deck, the cards are claiming I'm a nervous wreck).
    He has a need to keep counting and associates people, certain times in his life, with certain numbers.
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