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Bikini Kill – Sugar lyrics

Oh baby, I want you
Your so fuckin big
Your so big and hard
You've got such a big c***
Push it in deeper now
Oh deeper, harder
I'm almost cumming
I'm almost cumming
Oh woh woh woh woh
I can almost reach mine now, now, now,
I'm a self fulfilling porno queen, yeah
I mimic out your every fuckin fantasy yeah, yeah
And now, and now in my head I'm on my knees
Oh baby
Why can't I ever get my sugar?
What are you afraid of?
Who are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of?
Who are you afraid of?
Oh woh woh woh woh woh
I won't play girl to your boy no more
I want mine right here right now, baby
I can almost reach it now, now, now,

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    I think this song is talking about the way Woman is obliging with Man when they're having sex, how they pretend to be in the same extase of their partner in the only purpose to make them feel happy and self-confident, like if women have the only purpose to strengthen the sense of virility of the male, and not the one of reaching pleasure, as centuries of culture asserted it. The first verse's lyrics depict a woman prentending that she's loving it, and more specifically that she's loving his c*ck; this is what men want to hear; that they're viril, potent, and that they have control. Men, they can cum peacefully, while it is more difficult for women to achieve their "sugar", like Kathleen is calling it. Indeed, the female orgasm have been neglected, demonized and forgotten for many times in our occidental Christian culture, until in the '60s, some women had their first orgasm, not even knowing that they could have one! But sadly damage is done; it is very hard to change the system of thought; some men still doesn't really care about knowing if their partner is truly enjoying it or only pretending for making him feel all right in his masculinity. Likewise, some women still do not dare to claim to men the necessary efforts that could make women reach orgasm, because time and culture viciously printed in their mind, like an instinct, that this is not women purpose, just like this lyric "and now, in my head I'm on my knees" really refers to this sort of alienation experienced by women.
    This is our masculinist world, and this is my interpretation of a feminist song (please excuse my laborious English) =).
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