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Big Ed – We Represent lyrics
[mia x]
See niggas be screamin tru like it's the new thing to do.
But tru is the way of life nigga.
This ain't no motherfucking fad.
Mama mia, big ed, master p, c-murder, mister silkk the shocker.
First family, mr. Serv-on, tru yall

Chorus (in background while she's talking)
We come strapped and we roll thick
We represent that tru click x4

[mia x]
Now your better off chasing waterfalls
Cause y'all ain't even much tryin to fuck around at all
With these tru plum act a fuckin fool nigga
No limit soldiers knock your head off your shoulders
We done showed you that we been bout puttin in work
But you bout to have your dick knocked dead in the dirt
So I can show overseas with the japanese
While you tied up, shit in your pants, on your knees
Please, but ain't no reason once it's time for war
So if you start it best believe we're gonna take it as far
As it goes puttin holes in your door while you lay
And your automobile is gettin sprayed on the real
Fuck the drive by shootin and them public affairs
We ain't wastin no bullets bitch we know where you are
And we coming like big dick buried deep in the c***
And hoe we ain't goin stop till your last man drop

Chorus x2

[big ed]
Now when I said take a bullet for my homie I meant it
Before crushed out tanks I was down to did shit
Fist fighting in clubs cause we had to run it
C-murder was the first with tru on his stomach
Down to die for tru so bitch don't flinch
We been click tight way before we were rich
See this tatoo embedded deep in my skin
Before I take it off I give my right hand
I love these niggas, bust slugs, take slugs for these niggas
Even when they do wrong it ain't wrong cause they my niggas
Cut my chest and blindfold me
My niggas say they put that on tru and I believe them like God told me

I represent that n-o nigga l-i-m-i to the motherfucking t nigga
Motherfuckers don't really wanna go to war with a nigga like me nigga
I'm bossalini, they ain't know they better respect a nigga like me fool
I? ?? ?? Videos doin shows representing my tru tattoos
I've been a tank dog first family member since day one
P was the only nigga rapping
I wasn't tripping I was there cause I ruled that gun
That's why I get mad when niggas talkin bout tru this tru that
No limit this, went and got a tatoo but nigga, I ain't approve of that
Now don't make me lose my mind and go snatch all my logos
Everybody know you ain't a soldier cause p ain't in none of your videos
So motherfucker stop rappin like you down with my shit
First liutenant of the motherfucking tank represent a real tru click

[mia x]
Chorus x2

[mr. Serv-on]
When you see us, all you see is fame and bitches
When I see myself in the mirror I see a nigga bounded in bloody kisses
Wishes to see my enemies slaughtered
Don't make me harder
Wake up in the morning with this tank on my chest, that makes it easy
For me to digest the stress
Know my nigga p screamed for many years to make some money for us all
And now you niggas tryin to take off my tattoos
And name me tryin to ball (never)
Believe me nigga when I see ya, you gots to fall (believe that)
All my tears in my heart (you never know)
And you feel me and this motherfuckin tank will never go (never never)
I was taught to ride for this, do some time for this
Slang some dope for this and if it came down I'd fuckin die for this

[silkk the shocker]
Nigga fa sho (fa sho)
I'm down to die for this shit.
This no limit shit bigger then this motherfucker.
Niggas just wanna be down.
Wearing tanks and tatoos and shit.
Know what I'm sayin?
Niggas wanna get high with me.
Know what I'm sayin, niggas wanna ride with me.
Nobody wanna die with me or do twentyfive with me.
Know what I'm sayin?
Nigga let me tell you somethin.
P run this shit.
Know what I'm sayin, you know what the fuck tru is.
All of a sudden niggas wanna leave and shit through the struggle.
And now a nigga on top everybody wanna come back and shit.
I tell my new no limit soldiers nigga, you gotta be military minded.
Ready to go to war.
Cause uh, everybody want a nigga.
Know what?
I'm a die for this shit cause uh, this is all I got.
No limit.
I'm out bitch.

[mia x]
Chorus x2

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