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B.G. – Tear It Down lyrics

[Turk]Straight project nigga...
... Whoa, Ha(Ha), Ha(Ha)...
... Whoa, Ha(Ha), Ha(Ha)...
... Whoa, Ha(Ha), Ha(Ha), Ha(Ha), Ha(Ha), Ha(Ha)...

... Niggas get down, body get left where it can't be found
Give a nigga so many bullet holes you can't count
I'ma dog nigga, in that Nolia is where you find me
Dressed in black at night: Two knives and a tie me
Stay Thugged Out, never wear shit that's shinnin'
When I beef and look up, around and behind me
Still on my p's and q's, then let a nigga kill me
Be here fo' a minute, can't let a nigga steal me
Bustin' heads: 'Bout Dat, Duckin' Feds: I'm 'Bout Dat
Let a nigga play me like a hoe, ssshit I doubt that
I'ont just jump off the post, nigga I been around
Uptown where I'm from, quik to lay it down
On the real nigga, I've been doing this shit
Runnin' through hallways and cuts wit k's and shit
Nigga don't get it twisted, I bust yo' head and shit
Leave you where ya stand: paint yo' shirt red and shit

[Turk-Hook](Look, Look, Look)
Nigga we be tearin' it down
Nigga we tear it down, Hot Boys and Zoe Pound
Nigga we tear it down

Nigga we tear it down
Nigga we tear it down, Hot Boys and Zoe Pound
Nigga we tear it down(3x)

[Golden Child]niggas don't play game shit, break things wit' big guns
Flippy ass wit' long range, coke exchange, overseas, lingerings
Has about Zoe's County, nigga shit ain't change

[Blliany A. K. A. Redd Eyezz]We the infamous,
So every coast I stay gettin' chips, gettin' rich
Last month shipment was the biggest since, pushes presidents Blliany
I live the eligent, my army kill elephants
A hundred mill we sellin', that was since rebels my metal
Had babys ways, skippin' day like Tony
Paranoid to places but in the heat of the moment I was on it
I ain' t see him we Miami's Most Wanted mothafucka best believe it

[Golden Child](Hey yo)
We a nation mob known for murderin' squads
Lubin' it hard, boy and a girl like 24 hour chores
Every since the dawg went to the feds for 21 years, 21 blessed
And 21 shots to the head

[Turk-Hook]nigga we tear it down
Nigga we tear it down, Hot Boys and Zoe Pound

Nigga we tear it down(4x)

[B. G.](Check me out nigga, Check me out)
I said my nigga is Geezy, told you I'm 'bout trigga play
Busta say I ain't 'bout it, don't believe what a nigga say
Better get cha' erased, clip dumped in yo' face
Whatever you stand on, I catch ya, that's where ya lay, jigga
M. I. A. Went down it, it's gold ye, they want it, ten a ki'
So I proach me eight
I'm straight, going back to N. O. And show love
Sprinkle rose in the hood, they goin' think it was a flood
Try something: Fake a human, buy something
He must be stupid and he wanna die cousin
Cause I ain't no hoe, neva' been, neva' will
B... I'm real potna, even if it kills me
Feel me I'm ballin', I make cho' teeth a life of C. M. B.
Get it right, it's Lil' B. G., trust that blazin' fire
Blunts, I love 'dat and I'm always strapped and stay
Ready to bust back

[Turk-Hook]nigga we tear it down
Nigga we tear it down, Hot Boys and Zoe Pound
Nigga we tear it down(4x)

[Golden Child]I'ma cocaine dandy, get it down and champion
Don't get it for until yo' dog, if you can't handle it
We from Miami Headbustas, them Little Haiti Hustlers
You heard about splittin' hundreds, Hoesly's on bustas

[Black Jack]A hundred rounds shut em' down, empty clips on clowns

[Golden Child]Miami Most Wanted Infamous Zoe Pound

[Black Jack]niggas hang Loons Crew
We knock shit down, heavily connected, movin' bricks and pounds
Show me up forty jets and I flip the town
Me and my Little Haiti Soldeirs Knockin' heads off shoulders

[Golden Child]Cause of Leave let me tell your life is over

[Black Jack]I'm bringin' heat like that and make you eat my gat

[Blliany A. K. A Redd Eyezz]Hey yo,
It's gun shots, I run spots wit' tons of blocks
From a pops that speaks Creole a lot
I be on the spot, when the plot goes down
Hot Boys and Zoe Pound, here to let the world now

[Turk-Hook]nigga we tear it down
Nigga we tear it down, Hot Boys and Zoe Pound
Nigga we tear it down (4x)

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