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Ben's Brother – Let Me Out lyrics

You sit and you stare and you wait and you wonder
You think "Maybe it's me and I'm being a fool."
You start to believe it's a curse that you're under
And you're just a doll for a girl who is cruel
With a pin

So let me out
Or let me in
And tell me how, we can win
Cause I really wanna know now
Before I begin
To let you go
(To let you go)
So let me know

I'd rather be wandering hungry and homeless
Than here in the warmth of a silent defeat
You've gotta be honest with me and be ruthless
'stead of shifting uncomfortably there in your
And your skin

[Ch 2]

And who'd've thought I'd have the strength to say
"Let me out or let me in"
But as the words are pouring from my mouth
I wanna say them again, and again and again

So let me out
Or let me in
And tell me how, we can win
Cause I really wanna know now
Before I begin
To let you go
(To let you go)
Let me out, or let me in,
Oh no no
And tell me how
We can win
Oh no I really wanna know now
Before I begin
Oh to let you go, to let you go
Let me know

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Let Me Out meanings

  • u
    I think this song about is wanting to move on but afraid the she could be leaving something special even though the reality is obvious but she still try to believe that she meant something to that someone. She wanted to have him say it to her but I would presume he doesn't want to confirm or let her go.
    And the she finally get tired that she just felt like bursting it. And somehow she was brave enough to ask him, all because for whatever he may decide on, she would go on. With or without him.
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  • u
    I think it's that when you really care about someone, but you don't know their opinion of you. You think you're being silly thinking that they might actually care about you back, but you're not sure and they're not giving in indications at whether they're interested or not. So you really want to know what they think of, so you can just forget about them and move or actually have a relationship.
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