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Bell X1 – West Of Her Spine lyrics

She asked me to work on that knot
Now I've been at that
Coalface some time
I've been trying to untie that knot
I'm trying to work it to a soft spot
And lie there a while
Just south of her shoulder
And west of her spine

Now you'd think that I could
Untie that knot
I'm the one who put it there in
The first place
But it's like trying to remember
Where you've buried treasure
Well I've a vague idea
But it was under the pale moon light
And I was south of her shoulder
And west of her spine

Sometimes early in the morning
I watch her breathing rise and fall
I've spilled in drunk beside her
In the stillness of dawn
See how her hair spills over
Like frayed ends of twine
All wild and wrapped around her
Like these wandering arms of mine
Well I hope they find a soft spot
Where I can lie for a while
Just south of her shoulder
And west of her spine

Now careful not to wake her
I trace back along the twine
To where her never endings sing
Of too much of my time

It's here I'll rest my chin
And breathe her deep and smile
For I think I've found a soft spot
And I'll lie here a while
It's here I'll raise my flag
And claim this land as mine
Just south of her shoulder

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