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Being As An Ocean – The People Who Share My Name lyrics

Listen Up
These are the things I've been dying to say to you
I won't engage in conversation littered with self-righteous rage
Because before the words were out of my mouth
You already judge what I have to say
If you ripped me open
Instead of judging my surface
Through pretense and hidden purpose
You would truly find a heart
Stamped with the name
Of whom I give my service

Despite best intentions
None truly exists
Except that
Which was created
By biased hands

Love has called me out
Of who I've been
To bring me to the right hand
And dine with Him
So keep slander from your tongues
Lest you be wrung
And found to be wanting
Of the Love that has redeemed everything

Despite best intentions
None truly exists
Except that
Which was created
By biased hands

Give grace freely away
Instead of claiming for yourself the blessings of yhwh
You twist the tool that was meant to light the way
Into a creature of your own
Peddling hate
The only abominations are those that we create
You have ripped apart the broken limb from limb
You have separated parents from their own kids
How dare you speak of grace
While you wave your signs of hate right in our face
All the lives you've ruined
The souls you've turned away
How are we supposed to fly
If you clip our wings?
This is not Ecclesia the way He meant for it to be
Keep bastardizing his name
One day you'll be set free
From this religion
All the false glory and fame
Look in the eyes of a broken man and keep telling him that he's the one to
And you wonder why I'm hesitant to share your name
Because you've missed the point completely
And I hate your hate

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