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Beenie Man – New Suzuki lyrics

Aye Aye come here,weh yu tek man fa

Di other night mi buck a gal inna mi new suzuki,
She never expect nutten big and spooky,
Now di gal caan look inna mi face,
Gal know sey she loose the race,
Gal come brap inna mi new suzuki,
She never expect nutten big and spooky,
Now the gal caan look inna mi face,
Gal know seh she loose the race.

1. Well mi know fi duggu duggu,suh dat anno self praise,
Look how mi tell the gal nuh put yuh tounge inna mi ears,
Si how yu mek mi suppen raise now mi weak inna knees,
Now mi don't even bizniz if yu waan have aids.
Look how mi tell di gal she must'nt play inna mi hair
She gwan and gwan until mi brief front tear,
And me is a man nuh really care if mi baby mother hear
Seh mi hav a gal a play as bare as you dare.
Look how mi tell the gal she mustn't bet mi fi dweet
Mi nuh loke mi a talk to gal and dem a kiss them teeth,
A get she get mi inna heat
Now mi an har affi meet
Two dozen fence and si she tek down the street.


Tanya a seh that a she own di man,
Petergay a seh she hav si wickedest slam,
Marie a bounce bout pon di pepperseed jam,
Mi wah fi know a weh dem get
Dem big talk deh from,suh mi go check Marie,
Fi link Petergay and Tanya she,
Yes mi waan di whola dem come par wid me,
Mek wi have a O R G.
But anytime mi huff and mi puff like di three likkle pigs,
She never did know mi woulda a mek she spin lika a gig,
She turn through it burn when the earthworm a dig,
She never did know seh snake did grow suh big suh,
She start to plee left G-minorand gaan a C,
Hear har nuh Oh God,Oh God,Oh God,Oh God,Oh God,Oh God,Oh God.


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