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Beck – Steve Threw Up lyrics

Steve had a big commotion
The street fair was an ocean
When he took three tabs of bad acid
And off his melting jaw
All the wonderful things he saw
The pretty hair growin on... His sandwich

Well he looked out on the fairground
With the spinning things spinning all around
And he felt the food goin' down
And coming back
And on top of the ferris-wheel
He threw up on the heel
Of the beautiful girl who was laughing

Well there must have been some pizza
And there must have been some fries
And there must have been some tequila
And there must have been some wine
And there must have been some falafels
And there must have been some beer
And there must have been some bagels
You could see it all so clear

And there must have been some pickles
And there must have been some saurkraut
And there must have been some catfish
When he laid his burden down [?]

Pineapples, mangos, wild rice, beans, granola, cheetoes, caramel candy popcorn
Ice cream, banana fudge, and some corndogs, and mayonnaise, steak sauce,
Ketchup and mustard, garlic, kool-aid, spam and some egg rolls,
Sushi, rice cakes, oatmeal, cucumbers, biscuits, beef-jerky,
Pop-tarts, tamales, shish-kabob and a side order of...

Barf!!! Barf!!! Retch!!! Vomit!!! Spew!!! Etc...

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