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Beck – Dead Man With No Heart lyrics

Dead man with no eyes
Won't you look at me tonight
Tell me will I look good
With my pants on so tight
Watch me die, watch me die

Dead man with no heart
Won't you love me still
Put me in your helicopter
And gimme some weight-loss pills
Watch me die, teach me how to cry

Dead man with no stomach
Won't you eat up all my food
Spit it in my face
'cuz it don't taste so good
Watch me die, let me ride

Dead man with no feet
Won't you run to the liquor store
We're running out of caskets
Won't you run and get some more
Watch me die

Dead man, I ain't got no credit
Won't you put me in a cash machine
Swim around with the dollar bills
Look out, I'm turning green
Watch me die, watch me fry

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