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Battery – Why Is She In Pain? lyrics

She wtas to be beautiful
For our beauty-starved eyes.
She's dying, she's dying, she's dying
But we never seem to mind.
Her cry is in her toothpick legs
And attention-hungry smile,
And as it goes on, the transfer occurs
From magazine to child

But the only thing these beauty magazines leave
Is low self-esteem
The only thing they leave is a low self-esteem

We're brainwashed to think that thin is pretty,
But if beauty is love, why is she in pain?
I'm guilt, I'm guilty, I'm guilty.
I's time we placed the blame,
Let's also blame the media,
And face the fact that this is insane,
And spit in the face of their so-called beauty
And make a change


We have got to open our eyes
If we want to make a change
We have got to open our eyes
If we want to make a change

Because there are sick and starving girls
Throwing up after they eat
So they can look thin and pretty
For the people the meet.
And the thing that scared me the most
Is there are people that I hold close
That are dying
And I never even noticed

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