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Bas – My Nigga Just Made Bail lyrics

My nigga just made bail x 2
My nigga just made bail

I just came up
On some grey 12's
Grey hell cheers to that
Do this shit for queens got my ears to that
They hate us but, not more they hate theyselves
I guess that they gotta motivate theyselves
We can never correlate
You will never see my plane
Right in front of you but your vision is so plain
I see it more vivid
Seen it all, did it
Around these fake fucks still keep it authentic
Give or take fucks
How your measures rate us
You'll never understand it
And even though I'm so lit
I've seen the cards handed and I replayed mine
Hell yeah I'm on tilt
But I'm never off handed
Gotta keep good time

Free your mind and everything'll follow won't you
Free your mind and everything'll follow won't you

My nigga just made bail x 4

Listen when you get a blessin you don't ask why
You just pass forward
And fast forward
All my niggas from the hood got a passport
And them girls already know we ain't ask for it
Said she from the hood but her ass foreign
Drive a Malibu but her gas foreign
Her aspirations I can't relate with
But I'm like a ghost cause my ass tourin
Burn holes in all my clothes
But I got merch and this cash for it
Glass floors and no ceilings
I wish we could both feel it
For all or once gone cause I miss here breathing
Any yall saw came any yall part
Got a race cars
Penny my thoughts
Now this shit premium

Free your mind and everything'll follow won't you
Free your mind and everything'll follow won't you

My nigga just made bail x 4

Free your mind and everything'll follow won't you
Free your mind and everything'll follow won't you

My nigga just made bail
Tell the good lord, we gon raise hell
We gon pop off, like a fake nail
Take the top off and
Get I'll get I'll get
My nigga just made bail
Tell the fuckin mayor
He got hate mail
Less shake downs
And more Shakespeare
All these niggas don't care
Prepare for the new shit
That Cole is the truth shit
Nigga this is loose shit
Nigga this is Bas shit
Meaning this some true shit
Telling you shit
Bout the crew, how we do shit
Who sick annnnnd
Tell my niggas in the two-six
In the coupe
On the kickbacks with the pool stick
This for my new chick tryin get fit
Say she too thick
Ain't no such thing as too thick
What you wanna be a toolbit?
What you wanna get your cooch licked?
Well I'm tryna get my flute played!
If we the new slaves
I am Frederick Douglass of rhetoric
Ahead the the others
You motherfucka's better get free
This for that insecure girl
Your name I won't mention
On Instagram straight flickin'
Bitch you a nipple slip away from strippin', might as well
Get your clientele up
You a pioneer
Them girls fuck for free
I'm never buying there
Save that shit for the D. Are
Where I rock crowns and these niggas rock T. Are
Was a T?
Cause I'm Pete Carroll
Left college and I fucked the pros up
Yesterday luck when the luck just shows up
Like every verse
On the spot shit is never rehearsed
You heard it first

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