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Barney – Ring Around The Rosey lyrics

Ringaround the rosey
A pocket full of posey
Ashes ashes
We all fall down

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    Ring around a rosey= when rats bite you they leave a ring around their bite. Their bite leaves a disease know as the bubonic plague.
    Pocket full of posey= when got the disease body decomposes and leaves behind a stench. Posey is a flower used to block the stench.
    Ashes= to cure the disease europians built a bonfire and marched in a circle chanting.
    We all fall sown= after that they would fall down and leaers would whip them.
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    This nursery rhyme is about the Black Death. Ring around the rosies. "Dark circles around your eyes when infected. Pockets full of posies." Flowers put in the pockets of corpses to block the smell. Ashes ashes "Dead bodies were burned as they took up a lot of space. We all fall down" We all die.
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