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Barlow Girl – I Need You To Love Me lyrics

Why, why are You still here with me
Didn't You see what I've done?
In my shame I want to run and hide myself
But it's here I see the truth
I don't deserve You

But I need You to love me, and I
I won't keep my heart from You this time
And I'll stop this pretending that I can
Somehow deserve what I already have
I need You to love me

I, I have wasted so much time
Pushing You away from me
I just never saw how You could cherish me
'Cause You're a God who has all things
And still You want me

Your love makes me forget what I have been
Your love makes me see who I really am
Your love makes me forget what I have been

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    I struggle with perfectionism on a day to day basis. I wake up and do nothing but put myself down during the duration of the day. I need to accept god's love inorder to fully love myself and forgive the past. Since god is love he has to be within you and evrything you do. Try to think about his ever-present love and how you can do nothing to enhance it or take it away, see how your perspective on life may change. I am trying it now and I am beginning to notice a change.
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  • g
    I think that the message in this song is that we all need God to love us. But when he does we dnt understand it cuz we are all sinners and that we know that we cnt get to heaven w/o his love and help.^^ and the fact that we dnt deserve him and yet he still loves us after all the bad things that we have done and the things that we will eventually do.
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  • m
    It means that God never left us even if we did. He never turned His back from us. In fact He's still with us even if we already pushed Him away. Recognizing the fact that we don't deserve Him because of our sinfulness but still He loves us unconditionally is more than enough for us to accept Him in our lives and walk in His light, because He alon can love and accept us for who we are. The bible is true. Especially when it says that jesus is like a shepherd looking for his lost sheep. He will still look for that one sheep even if He has still a lot of other sheeps. And He greatly celebrate once that lost sheep is already found. It's beautiful and unconditional. 1cor13: 4-7 and John 3: 16, that's God's love.
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