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Bamboo – Questions lyrics

It's a lonely road out there we're all just waiting
For these answers that may never come our way
So we hold on to each other
Hoping to find what's missing
A million more questions by the end of the day

So we've been getting all this inside information
Are you as confused as me or it's all driving you insane
I throw some money at the problem
Lose your inhibitions go talk to someone
It's a million more questions by the end of the day

It's who we are
It's who we are
It's who we are
It's who we are

We try to get a way out, pray for shade
Follow what will we find
Return to sacred ground or the mem'ry of one strange
Is it a new day?
Bored? Sounds all too familiar
A Good excuse for change in pace
Go forth be a happy clone
Questions at the end of the day

It's who we are
It's who we are
It's who we are
It's who we are

Running in circles
In this once in a lifetime
I got this
One last chance
To ditch this borderline life

My place in this world
Last day I draw breath
I'm about to collide
With myself
With myself
With myself

It'll all get better all we need is time
Drag yourself out of bed
Waiting for that change in season
Praying for a line
Living in a rainbow
Or drowning in the gray
You've filled in all the blanks
It ain't all that bad
Questions by the end of the day

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  • n
    We all have questions in life. Unending questions. Sometimes we have answers. And most of them no. What is my purpose in this world? When do my dreams come true? Why do we meet people and say goodbye? Why? Well life is so mysterious, full of surprises.
    I love bamboo. Soo much! I wish they're still together. As a band. Question? Why they disband? What is the reason? Well, we should stop asking and move on! Its the band nature, form a band making good music, and after few years they broke. As long as their music stay into our hearts that would be fine.
    Long live opm! !
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  • u
    Nice intro for an album! The song made the whole album interesting. I just got the copy of the it, and I listened to the whole thing and thought, I think everyone thought of it too, that it is the same guy we're listening to, but the music seems all brand new. Such a music man. No one can question his talent (voice) and skills (songs), and having those 2 blend perfectly.
    For song meaning, it's all says that our "questions" determines "who we are", like the saying goes, "your questions, not your answers, tell who you are".
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