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Bad Religion – Time And Disregard lyrics

Part One
from the bird and the deer who live on the same
to the condominiums that litter the plain
it took time... time and disregard
from the green and the trees that shot high in the air
to the high-business market-men who take all that's there
it took time... time and disregard
Part Two
one more acre, another tree
"it's all untamed, of course it's free"
one more acre, it seems no one cares
"another great chance to put a building there"
Part Three
I used to roam, wherever I would
I'd see my friends and I'd eat what I could
we did live together in our borderless state
survival our instinct, nature our fate
today I see borders and my friends disappear
man chooses my fate thus I live in fear
tomorrow the trucks come
I've nowhere to run
my home is destroyed so they can have fun.
Part Four
from the wild natural wonderland from which we all came
to the cement and metal that lost all the game
it took time... time and disregard........

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    Ok, first of all, he wrote thing song like a poetry at first. It's a simple poetry but definitely not bad.
    Now for the meaning; This song is about mankind destroying the environment from an outside perspective (See part 1), from a businessman's perspective (See part 2) and from the perspective of animals (See part 3).
    The title itself reflects the process of our destruction of the environment, best seen in context in the line "It took time - Time and Disregard". From the agricultural revolution ~10.000 B.C to the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th century, humans have been altering nature, not realising, or ignoring the consequences of our actions. This song provides us with 3 perspectives about this process, but is more leaning toward the environmentalist opinion.
    Some good lines (my opinion of course, everyone has their own) :
    "We did live together - In our borderless state / Survival our instinct - Nature our fate
    Today I see borders and my friends disappear - Man chooses my fate, thus I live in fear"
    [It is interesting to think about how we, humans, are to other species]
    "Tomorrow the trucks come - I've nowhere to run / My home is destroyed - So they can have fun"
    [An animal trapped in a human world, knowing his home is destroyed and the end is near, and for what?]
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