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B-52's – Give Me Back My Man lyrics

She cuts her hair
And calls his name.
Wishin' everything could be the same,
Like when she had him.

I'll give you fish,
I'll give you candy,
I'll give you everthing I have in my hand.

Walking out of korvettes,
Package in her hand.
Motions to all the seabirds,
Throws divinity on the sand.

I'll give you fish,
I'll give you candy,
I'll give you everthing I have in my hand.

Give me, give back my man.
Give me, give back my man.

Her head's in a whirlpool,
Spinnin' round and round.
If she don't get her man back
She's gonna drown.

I'll give you fish,
I'll give you candy,
I'll give you everything I have in my hand.

Give her, give back her man,
Give her, give back her man. (repeat)

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  • u
    It is a song about breakup regrets. She tries to clean-up her appearance to woo him back, but nothing seems to work. She offers everything that she has to offer, but he is not interested. Her efforts are in vain and she compromises who she is and lowers her self worth in the process. The moral of the story is: not to lose yourself to regain what is not meant to be. Move on. Or you will go insane.
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  • d
    Dan Kitzler
    It's a song about a girl who went on a date to Korvettes candy shop on the beach of Georgia. Her boyfriend, being diabetic, decided to wait outside on the beach while she bought herself some divinity. As he was waiting, he was attacked by seabirds and carried away into the ocean. The girl exits the candy shop and realizes what happened and begs the seabirds to give her back her man in trade for a package of divinity. The seabirds ignore her plea, so she goes into the ocean after them, only to get caught up in a whirlpool and drowning.
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