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B5 – Dry Your Eyes lyrics


Girl there's something that's telling me
That you're in need of company
And you need it now
So I'm willing to comfort you
For all, all pain that you're going through
So baby don't....


Girl don't cry, dry your eyes
You don't have to be alone
I'll be there for you
Girl don't cry, dry your eyes
If there's anything that you need
Come get it from me


And everyday that passes by, darling I cry
For every tear that draws from your eyes
So baby don't, baby don't
Don't you worry cause I'll be here
Don't fear my dear
I'll wash away your every tear
Oh baby, baby girl don't cry

Repeat 1

Girl call me if you ever felling down
I said call me if you need a real man around
If you ever in need of a man with sensitivity call me
Baby it's driving me crazy to see you cry
Girl dry your eyes crying another minute took a chance
To put you by for a one night stand
Of romance, my love's a hand see
With me is where you outta be girl can't you see
I wanna get with you, gotta get with you
Feeling to be with you
Can you feel me, yeah feel me baby

Well I'll be there for ya baby
(You can come get from me)
I'm always here for ya baby
(You can come get from me)
Don't have to fear nothing baby
(You come get from me)
Take away your tears little lady
(Get it,get it from me Baby)
Well I'll be there for ya baby
(Girl don't cry)
I'm always here for ya baby
(Dry your eyes)
Don't have to fear nothing Baby)
(Girl don't cry)
(Get it,get it from me baby)

repeat 1 till end

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