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Avril Lavigne – Go lyrics

I want you to go away,
I hate you now and I shall forever,
Go, go, I hate you,
Why you gotta step up, step up,
And tell me I'm wrong to hate you,
Ya know what boy?
My thoughts are never gonna change bout you,
So why you still going for me?
Haven't you noticed yet,
There's a thing I said, 'go',
And ya know, 'cause it's goes, and so will you,

Just try to step up one more time,
You'll get it good, get it good right back,
Watch and wait I'll tell you off,
Not with any words,
No, no, no, no, no,
So listen up, this is goin' great,
Why you gotta step in and tell me it aint too late,
I'm like whoa! Who would still go for somebody,
Who's already messed you up, You askin for it again,
And I ain't afraid,
No I'm not,

I want you to go,
Just causin' more trouble as you flow,
Not gonna happen to me again,
Boy, there's no way, that I'll fall for you again, cause I'll go,
Go outta my mind,
Go completely crazy,
If you don't think I will just think again,
No way that I'll put up with this,
I'll let you go,
From my mind,
Go straight on, and continue with my life
Just go, and forget about you,
I don't need you,
No, no
Watch and wait, you'll go crazy,
Without seein' me,
Just go!

You'll see me in whole different way,
Not talkin' to you, I have nothing to say,
Nothing at all,
You're the cause of all my pain,
And I say to myself,
'Girl you went crazy before,
I won't let you go crazy again, again, '
Why is this day goin' so slow,
Come on, what's that saign?
Oh yeah,
You'll never forget me, even if it's the last thing you do!
(You, you, you, you,)

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