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Avias – Streets Approved lyrics

At first it took a lil while for nigga to buzz
Like the growth from teen when he grow a peach fuzz
Dropped a couple of tracks and these niggaz was moved
Now I got the hoods telling me I'm street approved
And real niggaz listen cause they know I spit fact
All these claim be about that life niggaz really whack
I be grinding in music for the fetti, yo the stacks
Cloth a nigga from head to toe and a place to lay his back
At the 24 hour store, negotiating deals
Going straight to the talbot, dropping off a lot meals
Feel like going out, while I'm shaving with the cream
Just hit the 360 parking lot, k-leen
And let em pop off, cause tonight is that night
Know a couple a niggaz that will off you at the light
Know a couple a niggaz with a whole lot a figures
Niggaz that don't think twice when it's time to pull the trigger
And I'm from, crenshaw, yall late
Where the niggaz set a bomb up send him out like bait
Dirty oak, brick boyz,
Don't hate, no we don't claim to be da baddest but we aint fake
When I roll with the swagger, I keep a lot groupies
Nigga always riding large don't time for the hoopdeys
Keep a wad in my pocket, rest in safes with the locket
Prefer the graphic tees, if you aint tried please don't knock it
Now to all these niggaz yo you might not be my fan
But your girl keep having fantasys of me being her man
Told her I cannot settle so please do not make plans
I'm the one that will fly away just like peter pan
And the clothes... Is hot
And the swag... Is hot
Niggaz fold... You not
And the jag... I got
And the golds... Is hot
Durag... Is hot
Ice so cold... It's hot
Yall sad... I'm not
Flow so hard that it make the mics freeze when I talk
Kids hear me and stop drawing on sidewalks with chalk
Fans follow me home peeping through my windows stalk
Mc's secretly mimicing the flow mock
And I'm repping for my niggaz in the L trying to make it
Putting in work trying to bring home a fat piece of bacon
All my niggaz stay in the clouds getting high like jamaicans
Rappers better not run up cause this spot right here aint vacant
From newyork, philly, to la
Let these niggaz know how yall niggaz do it in the bay
From hillsborough, orange county, down to polk
Florida stay fed it's breakfast time where the yolk
Yall niggaz heard what I said, now let me close this chapter
Didn't get me, then went right over yall heads like raptor
Yall niggaz was the before, but I am the after
Trying to drop against me, got my fans giggling with laughter
Peace it's the da nemesis!

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