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Avias – Imagination Love lyrics

Every min every second I desire you around
Like draculas longing for blood without your love it make me frown
I lay on my bed looking up to the roof
The loving that we share most definitly is the truth
Then time is near, and you are here, laying beside my head
It start with one simple kiss then love making in bed
You suck all the love out of me um feeling weak to my soul
This loving that we share is like a fantasy that's untold

So um laying in bed and my imagination start
I begin as an insect wings beating flying hard
Then right when I think I'm gonna make it home
I end up making a detour flying right in your dome
I had a bright future but I'm entangled in your web
No more hope for me I'm like what the hell
You run to your prey like a spider would delight
It's my imagination love that's give me this insight

[Verse 2:]
Back to reality I realize this was just a fantasy
And nothing changed just you facing me
Everything look normal no web or wings
Just you and me on the bed is the reality of things
The next day we go to a lake and sit on the bank
Roll out a blanket have a picnic and think
About each other and how much we care
You catch me blank my minds gone in another world yeah!

The lake disappears and the grass turns to sand
Out with the moon here comes the sun shining
Instead of the bank we sailing in a yacht
Fot you close to me the only true love I got
Popping bottles of champagne off the coast of miami beach
Um right by your side no need to worry if I'm cheating
The sun is setting right before our eyes
Back to reality we back at the lake looking in the sky

Your love run so deep like a river through me
We at a cafe but in my mind we in Italy
Just the regular for dinner hamburgers and fries
My imagination say steak and shrimp before our eyes
Don't get used to the regular let your mind expand
It's imagination and love that's joining hands
I'm so in love, I'm so in love, I'm so in love
I'm so in love, it be the nemesis!

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