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Avias – Bored In My Room lyrics

Chorus (2x's)- I'm bored in my room
Bored in my room, today, tonight, come in

I got a knock on my door so the listener came in
Been down for me sense day one cause they knew I was a winner
Ordinary looking dude, just by looks call me beginner
But behind the black glasses a passion that makes rappers bencher
Now it's hot in this room so please let the windows up
Just me thinking of hot bars will make this motherfucker blow up
Welcome into my land of crazy, imagination, raps they vary
Maybe to you I am psycho like the fucking rage of carrie
Have a seat gone and get comfortable adventures are instore
I'm excitement to your ears like a one night stand to hores
I got my head layed in my hands, mind off earth and into mars
When your rap songs flop, remember that I am the cause

Chorus (2x's)- I'm bored in my room
Bored in my room, today, tonight, come in!

Listener you asked my name yo just call me success
I came from mars in human form so just call me blessed
Hear my voice through your ears feel my bass all in yo chest
Killin, rippin, in the booth you can call me a t-rex
Flick the channel to the news turn the ceiling fan on high
Need the air to dry your tears I'm so raw you want to cry
Closet filled with all my victories, haters wonder why
I fit that discription I'm so ill, why I'm that guy
My legacy will live because I gave the world real jams
Haters always will hate me because I never gave a damn
Listener I think I'm ready to give you a new variety
Just sit here in my room and watch me take over society

Chorus (2x's)- I'm bored in my room
Bored in my room, today, tonight, come in!

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