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Avenged Sevenfold – Danger Line lyrics

My 16 locked and loaded
All fear has been avoided
You say the words and my weapon is drawn
This one could be my last time
Some people call it war crime
I may be staring down a lethal site... To die

Nothing shocks you like a bullet hole
Leaving my fear on the danger line
Suffering a man should never know
Leaving my faith on the danger line

I do this for my family
My daughter loves her daddy
Too many talk down on things they don't know
With colors never faded
Reckless and unabated
They may take me but never take us all, I'll crawl

Nothing shocks you like a bullet hole
Leaving my fear on the danger line
Suffering a man should never know
Leaving my faith on the danger line

I know what you're thinking
I've been there before
So think of the times
The time we spent laughing away
So think of the times, at home.

Now I find myself in my own blood
The damage done is far beyond repair
I never put my faith in up above
But now I'm hoping someone's there

I never meant to leave this world alone
I never meant to hurt the ones who cared
And all this time I thought we'd just grow old
You know, no one said it's fair
Tell my baby girl that it's alright
I've sung my last song today
Remind the Lord to leave his light on, for me
I'm free

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  • h
    Sure it sounds like a song about war, but if you pull back its theme you'll see its just a song sang through the eyes of Jimmy Sullivan. Its like his life is similar to ones life that has seen the brutality man can create, and in many ways jimmy probably saw the samething. The "Now i find myself in my own blood..." line till the end is pretty much Jimmy saying his piece. It was just placed in a badass song. R.I.P. Jimmy Sullivan.
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  • u
    About a soldier at war, leaving his family to do what needs to be done. Too many people talk bad on the war (things they don't know) suffering through war and post-war stresses (suffering a man should never know) and (the damage done is far beyond repair) and the soldier losing his life for his country (sung my last song today. Remind the lord to leave his light on, for me. I'm free).
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    This song can be from what one person sees or a song of war from what the soilders see, either way you have to admit people can relate in their own ways about this song and have different meanings to it. All we can do is guess the meaning, but ax7 and the person who wrote it knows the meaning and we all have a part of the meaning right.
    I love avenged sevenfold, my favorite band.
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    The story of a soldier who went to war and has had any fear knocked out of him, but knows that this could be his death. He remembers his family. He remembers the times at home and he is shot "now i find myself in my own blood" and is slowly dying. He regrets it, not wanted to hurt his loved ones. Accepts he is going to die and asks the lord to be ready for him, and makes his peace asking someone to tell his daughter that it'll be ok.
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    The song may have been recorded in 2010 but some of the songs for nightmare were written before jimmy died. The band had also started demos for the album aswell. The drums the rev laid down as demos before he died are what mike portnoy used when he recorded the album with a7x. The album may have been recorded after he died but it still has jimmy's work running through it. A7x did say that they would release nightmare as it was the last of jimmy's work.
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