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Avenged Sevenfold – Buried Alive lyrics

Take the time just to listen
When the voices screaming are much too loud
Take a look in the distance
Try and see it all

Chances are that ya might find
That we share a common discomfort now
I feel I'm walking a fine line
Tell me only if it's real

Still I'm on my way (On and on it goes)
Vacant hope to take

Hey, I can't live in here for another day
Darkness has kept the light concealed
Grim as ever
Hold onto faith as I dig another grave
Meanwhile the mice endure the wheel
Real as ever
And it seems I've been buried alive

I walked the fields through the fire
Taking steps until I found solid ground
Followed dreams reaching higher
Couldn't survive the fall
Much has changed since the last time
And I feel a little less certain now
You know I jumped at the first sign
Tell me only if it's real

Memories seem to fade (on and on it goes)
Wash my view away

, I can't live in here for another day
Darkness has kept the light concealed
Grim as
Hold onto
faith as I dig another grave
Meanwhile the mice endure the wheel
Real as ever
And I'm chained like a slave
Trapped in the dark
Slammed all the locks
Death calls my name
And it seems I've been buried alive

Take you down now
Burn it all out
Throw you all around
Get your fucking hands off me!
What's it
feel like?
Took the wrong route
Watch it fall apart
Now you're knockin' at the wrong gate

For you to pay the toll
A price for you alone
The only deal you'll find
I'll gladly take your soul

While it seems sick
Sober up quick
Psycho lunatic
Crushing you with hands of fate
Shame to find out when it's too late
But you're all the same
Trapped inside inferno awaits

Evil thoughts can hide
I'll help release the mind
I'll peel away the skin
Release the dark within

This is now your life
Strike you from the light
This is now your life
Die buried alive

This is now your life (what's it feel like?)
Strike you from the light (I'll probably take your soul)
This is now your life (what's it feel like?)
Die buried alive (I'll probably take your soul)

This is now your life
Die buried alive

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Corrected byDeathsAnimal

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  • u
    A good explanation I found before is that he's first at the purgatory, and then in hell. And it seems that satan is talking after the solo.
    It would be absurd though, cause he's still alive. I'd say that he's been judged (1st verse) and forced to take a distance from what he thought was right or wrong: "i feel i'm walking a fine line/tell me only if it's real" = he doubts his vision of things is the correct one, and he admits "much has changed since the last time/and i feel a little less cerrtain now"
    He then realizes he has always been wrong: "took the wrong route/watch it fall apart" (it=all he believed before). He "sobers up quick"
    So he feels he wasted his whole life believing to the wrong ideals: "followed dreams reaching higher/couldn't survive the fall" the fall = when he realizes he's been wrong
    he's allthemore disappointed that he made great efforts believing in these ideals "i walked the fields ... "
    We can imagine he made bad things for these ideals, and now he has to pay for them, it's only justice (the part after the solo; he's not the one talking)
    now he's buried alive, he has no way out because he's hated by everyone including himself.
    Thanks for reading!
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  • n
    Actually weed makes your neurons slow down which equals to that relaxing feeling you get, but that slowing down of neurons, is the same process which aging contributes, therefore killing those neurons for a lack of, well in semple sense, speed and use. Because of numbing it aso contributes to all of which I mentioned. Weed is not bad, but it is only used for those who have chronic diseases, and/or have been in accidents that left them with pain that wont let them continue with their normal lives. Weed is a medicine, but it can't be taken normally, like an aspirin, you can't take it for any occasion just if you have a pain.
    R.I.P Rev and rock on Avenged Sevenfold!
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  • LickMePuthy
    This is just a guess but I think that the song means just don't believe what you are told actually take the time to understand and get facts, here is an example the government says that weed is bad they say that it can make you do stupid things like jump off buildings but if you ask a doctor that won't lie to you the only thing that is bad about is you are breathing in something that is burning anything like that can be bad. But yea. Lol.
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  • u
    I believe the song is about depression, being "buried alive" in things like sadness, anger, and grief. "follow dreams reaching higher, could it survive the fall" dreams that have little chance of coming true. "take the time just to listen when the voices screaming are much too loud, take a look in the distance, try and see it all" depressed people are generally overlooked and not listened to, I. E. Nobody can understand what they've been through until they actually listen.
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  • u
    i think the last part/after chorus not the Devil that said.. but the person anger when he become a lunatic psychopath when he kill every person that make him locked in the dark (a mind condition very lonely and treated like a trash) like that. He hates the person very much and enjoy killing him/her slowly by terrorizing and then kill him/her sadistically. Avenged his hatred, he hate everyone. He kept asking in his mind, "so what it feels like?" (to be on my position before,you treating me like this) To the victim.

    He can't go out from the reaching-dream fall/failure on 2nd part, (the first part is about his 1st depression,nobody want to listen him, not care about him. In the end he ended alone and trust to no one but himself) but later he get depressed and very angry because he think everyone around him know his condition but donэt help him even when he already messed up/depressed before.

    He not considered people's different mindset,and think all of them just same, that because he always alone and never cared.
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