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Audiostrobelight – What You're Running From lyrics

I can’t wait forever, though I wish I could
Put my name next to forever like you said you would
But I can’t stop these thoughts from freaking me out and I’ve never felt like this
Fuck, I’m scared we’ll never get out of here
Well aware that everything happens for a reason
Still haven’t found mine yet
And I’m flipping through these pages again
Trying to find where everything went everything went wrong
Where will I fall asleep tonight?
There’s the van or I could fight with three dudes and try to score the couch
Listen! I believe I’m finding my way,
Way out from under this shit
But I’m gonna need someone to listen up
I don’t need anyone I’ll do this all by myself
And don’t you try to talk me down, you know that never helps
I’m sick and tired of this routine bullshit. It’s killing me
But I’m trying to teach myself to breathe
If these last seven years have meant anything more than a few blown tires and a bad rv
I know I have the will inside me inside of me
(Inside of me)
Through all the meaningless tirades
Over earth’s greatest highways
Through all the messes we made I swear this is all of me
I’m asking you honestly:
Have you even looked at what you’re running from?
Have you even looked?
That’s when you close your eyes “stop screaming”
So I step back inside, it’s easy to think the stakes have never been this high
We can’t be happy where we are

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