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Auburn – Bestfriend lyrics

The thought of this is killing me it's been on my mind,
Can't believe it's been right here after all this time,
And even though I love you I can't seem to find someone who cares the way you do,
You know I love the way we've always been nothing more than friends.
So why do I give every man the stand up,
Thought I was over this but once again I'm comparing you to him,
And I find that there's no you in him at matters,

Boy even though your my bestfriend,
I can't help it whenever I compare you to him,
It's like I always do this,
With every single man,
And I hate that I can't find,
Someone whos worth my time,
Just like my bestfriend,

And I know you hear me say this all the time,
I don't do relationships cause I'm on my grind,
But see your part of this,
Because I just can't find someone who knows me like you do,

Always brought out the good in me,
Don't know just what you see,
Whatever it is no other guy has even tried,
Remember when you left one day and turned around to say "your my bestfriend"
And right there you made me cry,

Even though your my bestfriend,
I can't help it whenever I compare you to him,
It's like I always do this,
With every single man,
And I hate that I can't find someone whos worth my time,
Just like my bestfriend,

I'm trying to let you know,
A part of me just can't let this go,
Never had a friend, one who understands,
With you it felt so free,
I don't know whatchu did,
But I that know whatever it is,
I'm so thankful for you,
I'm so grateful for you,

Even though the things I told you...

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    This song is delivered to people who have fallen in love with their best friend. It narrates that one person who suddenly realized that no matter what she does, no matter how hard she tries, and no matter who she dates - no one can compare with what she shares with her best friend. That no other guy can satisfy her needs and wants, like her best friend does. That no one can understand her, like her best friend does and that no one knows her as much as her best friend does. In this song, she is trying to explain something that every other guy lacks that her best friend was born with. She pours her heart's confession in this song. In this song, she's hoping that her message reaches her best friend's heart.
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    I love my best friend; so much. And he has no clue that this is why I picked this to be our "best friend" song. He's been my best friend since like sixth grade, and without him my life would be a mess. A best friend is someone you should marry one day, because even though you tell each other anything, and everything even down to crazy, scary, and embarrassing they don't get embarrassed of you. They will scream I love you down a hall of people just so you know they are thinking about you. Love you brando(:
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    The meaning of bestfriend is someone who is always there for you. The one who never leaves in your hardest times. The one who has seen you cry, and gave you their shoulder. The one who will die and take a bullet for you at any time. I love my bestfriend, we met on my birthday and connected instently. He was like my present and ever since he came into my life I can't help but smile and be happy. Hes always been there for me and I love that I can count on him at anytime! The best part about having a bestfriend is that they know you better than any one else, they except your faults and love you for you♥
    -a. Diamond.
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    You ' ve fallen in love with your bestfriend♥ & it means no one understands ' you like your; bestfriend, and you can't find anyone who is that caring about you, someone who is always there for you know matter ' what, someone who dosen't care for little mistakes, someone ' who knows your weird but still likes you for you, someone who will stick up under any circumstance. Loving, funny, caring, trustworthy, the one you can depend on at the worst of times.
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    I love my bestfriend so much that whatever we go through we never seperate... He knows my darkest secrets and we can talk about anything without getting embarrassed.. No one can compare to my boyfriend and no one will never understand our bond... He is my soulmate in bestfriend way... He is my other half... He is my everything... He doesn't judge me...
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