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Attack Attack! – Stick Stickly lyrics

You never said that this would be easy,
So go on live,
You never said that this would be easy,
So go on live.


This is the best part of the message,
And it only took one.

We live for what He's worth,
And that's more than you'll know.
He died for what He loved,
And what He loved was you.

I'll wait for you,
You know I'll wait for you,
I'll wait for you,
You know I'll wait for you.

You never said that this would be easy,
So go on live,
You never said that this would be easy,
So go on live.

Bow your head,
Go on live.

This is the time to let yourself go,
Lord pick me off the ground,
You never said this would be simple,
So pull me in and turn around.

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Submitted byGammaMan
Corrected byasgbdhj


  • u
    @charlie not all opinions are correct. I'm not saying yours is wrong, since yours isn't an obsurd one but if someone was that "Every person is allergic to salt" does that make his opinion true? And I think it migt be implying christ, but is not totally clear like some of the other songs that mention God such as "Shred, White, andBlue"; but the band isn't even a christian band. And Cassie this band isn't Christian, and I doubt that the singer is either, because when he moved to Of Mice and Men, he cuses a bit.
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  • a
    Lol @skyeaterairplane: Communists are godless, as in they don't believe in any sort of God. They believe in a "perfect man" achieved through worldwide socialism and the advances that they think would be brought by that. Marx and Lenin both did not believe in a God, and Lenin actually replaced a Russian Orthodox based monarchy. Note that communists are on the far left of the political spectrum, which is commonly (and incorrectly) referred to the godless side. The term you're looking for is something like a theocracy, where a nation-state is ruled by religious leaders, priest-kings, etc. An example would be Egypt with the Pharaohs.
    On an actual song related basis: I really did enjoy this song, I knew they were Christian from the first time I heard them (kinda impossible to ignore those lyrics), but that's not why I like them. It just adds a little to it. =)
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  • j
    Guys this song is about god and nothing else they might not be christian band but this is a religious song "we live for what he's worth, and thats more than youll know, he died for what he loved, and what he loved was you" its all talking about jesus dying for our sins. It just doesn't make sence that it would be a guy. Its about religion. And its a good song.
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  • c
    It's all personal opinion. I can't tell you what this song means to me because you wouldn't understand. Because it's a past experience in my life not yours. It's how my. My. Brain interprets it. If you think it's Christian that's great, but that doesn't mean you have to force it on other people. Share your opinion fine, but don't force people to view it the same. Plus. Their are no facts in opinion.
    Just because it's "obviously" something doesn't mean other people share your views. For instance I'm Not religious so to me this song isn't religious but it still hasmeaning. So this song. In fact. Is what you make of it.
    Just because someone doesn't see eye to eye to you doesn't make them wrong.
    Keep this message going.
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