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A.Tone Da Priest – P.A.I.N. lyrics

P for the people pushing me closer to the edge
A for all the anger deep inside I never said
I is my inevitable meltdown in the end and
N for never trusting anyone again (That’s pain)
I’ve weathered the pain, have you felt it
Puts you so behind, makes you so selfish
Helpless, woe is me my world is fallen to pieces
May you put it back together only time as your defense
I’ve seen stressed days, thinking nothing misery
How it love the company so them demons tryna get with me
Test my peace of mind; put the dagger in the heart
Make bleed, the vengeance that was rushing from the start
My part in this, why? Sufferings not my forte
At the bottom of you heart what can you do or say
It's stormy weather all year round, my mind a dark picture
All the loathing self-pity and my strength just ain’t mixing
Missing motivation, to go on besides now
When everything I’ve known has turned against me I’m high now
To cope, blow smoke, let my mind ease
It's happiness I seek, but it’s the pain in which I breed (That’s deep)
[Verse 2:]
Deep cuts need trust
How could you stab me in the back when it was for you my balls I bust?
My blood stained emotions, I’m hopeless
The rain keeps pouring quite frankly like an ocean
To take me away from the hurt, so bad
That my eyes still fill when these thoughts I grab
No way to act for a man but I’m broken
Literally choking, heart busted open
Knowing better but the worse is so easy
It’s hard to be happy when you can’t stop thinking
Is it fair, just, who can I blame
How they gonna play me, put a scar up on my name
Can’t we all have a heart? The silliest of questions
The better, how we use it, where we get suggestions
Life is just for bettering your position on this
Amongst us from where the pain has been
Brung to us, sung to us on a song for your mind to digest
No pain will ever conquer, cause success is in your chest

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