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A.Tone Da Priest – Get Up & Go lyrics

Get up and go start your day
Say it with me, we gone get this pay
Get up and go (4x)
Get up and go, whatchu gone do
You the only one can make your dream come true
Get up and go (4x)

Get up and go, we on the road again
On a track I'm back n fact you know it's gone explode
Caint gloat or show em man amazing ingagin shit I'm
My description is my vision very vivid you should
Missin neva that in fact I'm pickin up the slack
For the ones up in the back who couldn't keep up with
The pack
I'll make a pact, whatever the timen I'll be grinding
Riding fast through life, so cold like ice a star
Because I'm shining
Rhyming quick be cause I'm lively, lines be jumpin off
The sheet
Just cruising boostin volumes fallin all into the beat
Get so high to get so deep, a twisted source of
But my mind is my creation, I achieve through
Breakin barriers impairing your ability to reason
Even if I wasn't the best you cannot say your not
We're not even close even, othas wonda why I'm risen
It's my timen plus I does these things which bring my
Dreams to life man

The fact is, ima bring the track right back quick
Herbal medication cause my flow is so sick
I make hit's, catch you off guard it's a knockout
Shocked bout this give you something to talk about
A walkout, shout give me mine I'm fidna take it
Cake we bake at rates that make the haters aggravated
Craven hazen blunt so break a dutch up we be puffin
Nothin short extraordinary, spare me need no
It's in you that I am trustin, are you trustin in me
They say there ain't nobody like em would you tend to
Can you take this heat, fur coats in the summer
Impact, just a little lightning for my thunder
I Wonder when I'm goin, cause I see no end
When my leverage competitors no d so they offend
Rules I bend, who will send a message to this man
Been a rebel notha level shit my mental is my plan

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