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Atmosphere – Takin' Ova lyrics

Song: Takin' Ova
Artist: Warlocks
Written by: Joris (Joris_de_tweede@Hotmail. Com)

Verse 1

Ask roulite mc's into battle
Estain round with G-Studios as my castle
Homing to my origin waste plans
Visualize in my verbal style through swave hands
Takin' ova build an empires like sleeser
Tryin' to screw me an I screwed you like ever neesa
Nice galls on the mic fight for the empires and layin' being tortued and enforced of the midnight

Camelot returning, '89 three times murling casting spells leaving walls burning
Two shadow knights riding through the woods sights
Mic cavaleriers in the moon light
Soon fight, battle, room, right and remedie
Voice milificants slinger like your cemedie
Bin Everlimps vs Man Erverlimps
You represent evaluvus whe havin' saint elegins
Telling tales where the dark age relevants
(?)The monster sees attacked the bodies past tens(?)


Takin ova we be the legaties through the rap legacie
Surrealities of the industrie (3x)
Takin' ova, takin' ova...

Verse 2

Its the north-see defender storm out tender
Scandinavian I burry an eye lender
Tp, theological prophecies
I give you believes, T. Are. A. Energies
Fukin' ministries V. O. T. 's tc outta town
The sound man about to catch another beat down
Yo, "T" lay the beat down (Who am I?)
The best norwegian producin' on the "am I"

I take it to the sea, the open type for any open mic I shine
Saint like, glorious "viviendo lacada palabra"
I'm sailing in, with an Spanish armada...
From the horseback to a 24 track for quorter
My beast been walking to water, causing the border
Shells to call to, and the croum C. O. D.
Lets wack these other crews like Cap-m. P. C.


Takin' ova we be the legaties through the rap legacie
Surrealities of the industrie (3x)
Takin ova, takin ova...

Verse 3

Kid comma drop tha drumma shiny on my eivenhoe
Seven swords swingin' soldiers in the role we'd all cro'
Havro paid he roes from beyond the seventh metal
Telling tough tales from the backside of the medal
We can never settle... Battle for the line nobel kings
Bringin' steal and ripping shields is what we bring
Tea taste the lee like Onth who we want fail
Adventure is away, search for the holy grail

The monst stayin' trouvel doll,
Masquerader, element to carry droe for my cause
Holy white teeth connected to my jaws
I boss a bit, to let my palms getting possesion,
Play the role out, of suspicion my mision is sparkling clint
And I role round, P. O. T. In my back-teeth
We must provale royalty, suckers better pay a fie
A very important point is loyalty.
Now I've reveal nine is gas
You die zero reflexes of my eyes which are evil, not suber
Lettin' you know, T. P. Is thinkin' over (scratched out)


Takin' ova we be the legaties through the rap legacie
Surrealities of the industrie (3x)
Takin ova, takin ova...

End verse

Takin' ova all you course stover
Then you got blocked in october
(faded out)

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