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Atmosphere – Mirror lyrics

I got a picture of my head of what you look like when your sleeping
The skin sinks into the insticts of a demon
Can't believe the words exsist what you're breathing
The evil eye eagle fly high into the evening
Every season has a reason
And every allegiance was inspired by some type of a treason
You can keep your secrets no body needs em
Convinced everything will be better after you leave em
Skip the proper impeachment not enough to call the bluff of the cotton thief top feeder
Got a fever caught him stealin from his own father
Thought that no fucker off with his mother (No don't bother!)
Got a better plot a lot more dignified
A little more historic, a lot less truth to hide
Do it right said a president be the first one to ride into a sunset successful suicide

Quiet Singing

Give a little of the damn about the interest of the man woman child, look at now with your crooked smile
Put into the perspective of a skeptic
Well versed and hitten hell first
All you wanted was honor call it in from the office
Unaware and lost of where the watchtower sits
Power fits in your wallet
Too much for the mountain big gun death count they got you all surronded now!
Fuck ya www six six six dot net
Fuck ya fuck ya fuck ya??
Rape the body set fire no lost make the dolla holla (Ahhhh!)
How much will your soul cost?
When you die are you gonna be surprised?
Will you see it coming?
Will it be your summon?
When you face the judgement of death, re-interpretation is all that's left
Now hold your breath and

Chorus: Close your eyes
Hide beyond your disquise
Wakening of your lies
This mirror doesnt't work no more
This mirror doesnt't trust your word
Laughing at what we've heard
Stagger and cut the nerve
This mirror doesnt't work no more
This mirror doesnt't do it's just
And it might be hitting the rocks

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