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Atlantic Starr – Unconditional Love lyrics

Unconditional Love
Atlantic Starr
David Lewis

"Unconditional Love"
Who knows such a love made of
Can any one give
"Unconditional Love"

- Man -
I love you truely
And that's all I want
You do, do for me

- Woman -
Open that door, please
Is all, that I ever ask you,
To be

- Man & Woman -
But there, is just one mistake
I'm not sure that I can take
And that's giving your love away

Unconditional love
Who knows, what such a love is made of
Can anyone give,
Unconditional love

- Woman -
I want you, to be,
The man, that you
Feel, you need to be

- Man -
I would never keep you,
Under lock and key
Cause I believe, that a soul,
Should be set, free

- Man & Woman -
But just as long, as you live
Promise me, you'ld never give
Your heart, to anyone, no


- Woman -
I can be, understanding,
About anything,
Anything you need
Just don't careful with our love
I beg of you, I plead

- Man -
Unconditional Love
Is there such a thing?
(I don't know) - Woman's Voice
All I can do,
Give my heart to you
Cause I'm only human
And tha's all

- Woman -
Boy, I'll never keep you
Under lock and key
(Thank you, baby) - Man's Voice
Cause truely, I believe
That a soul, should be set free
(Thank you, baby) - Man's Voice


- Woman -
Boy, you know I love ya,
And I do anything for ya

"Unconditinal Love"

Ohhhh... I want you to be,
Is it true to me


- Man -
Ohhhh., baby, I'm holding on
To you, for dear life,

"Unconditiona Love"

And as long as you don't
Give it up, to anyone else
I'm gonna make you my wife
Make you my wife


Lets' pray together - (Woman)
Lets' pray together - (Man)
And we'll stay together - (Woman)

"Unconditional Love"

We'll be together - (Woman)
Together, Forever - (Man & Woman)
We'll be together

"Unconditional "

Ohhhhh... Hohhhhh... (Woman)

Girl, l really do love ya - (Man)
I love you too, boy - (Woman)

"Unconditional Love"

- Man -
I'm not sure, how to give
Uncoditinal love
All I know is my love
For you is true, wooo...


I said it, my love for you, Is true - (Man)
My love for you is true - (Woman))
My love for you is true - (Man)
My love for you is true - (Woman)

"Unconditional Love"

Ohhh... I'm gonna try - (Man)
I'm gonna try - (Woman)
All my life, to do for you,
I'm gonna try - (Woman)
All the things, you want me - (Man)
To do
Hey... Yeh... - (Woman)


Ohhh... - (Man)

- Woman -
Ohhhh... Baby...

"Unconditional Love"

As long as we
Keep on loving hope
We'll never have any
Reason to roam
No... No... No... No... No...


Ohhh... Lets' pray together - (Man)
Lets' pray together - (Woman)
Lets stay together - (Man)

"Unconditional Love"

Lets' stay together - (Woman)
Toegther forever - (Man & Woman)
We'll be together


Ohhhh... - (Man)
Ohhhh... - (Woman)
I really love you - (Man)
I love you... Too... - (Woman)

"Unconditional Love"

I want to stick around - (Man)
I wanna stick around - (Woman)
I want to do all the things -(Man)
You want me to do... Baby...
I love you - (Man & Woman)
I need you

"What is unconditional love?"
"Only God knows for sure."

He know for sure... Hey... (Fade)

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