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Atif Aslam – Tajdar-e-Haram lyrics

Kismat mein meri chain se jeena likhde
Doobe na kabhi mera safeena likh de
Jannat bhi gawara hai, magar mere liye
Aye Kaatib-e-Taqdeer, Madina likhde

Tajdar-e-Haram, ho Nigaah-e-Karam (x2)
Hum ghareebon ke din bhi sanwar jayenge

Haami-e-bekasaan, kya kahega jahan (x2)
Aapke dar se khaali agar jayenge

Tajdar-e-Haram, Tajdar-e-Haram

Koi apna nahi gham ke maaray hain hum (x2)
Aapke dar pe faryaad laaye hain hum
Ho Nigah-e-karam, warna chokhat pe hum (x2)
Aapka naam le le ke mar jaayenge

Tajdar-e-Haram, Tajdar-e-Haram

Kya tumse kahoon aye Arab ke Kunwar
Tum jaanat ho mann ki battiyaan
Dar-e-furqat toh aye ummi-laqab
Kaate na kat ti hai ab rattiyaan
Turi preet mein sudh budh sab bisri
Kab tak rahegi yeh beqabri
Gaahe ba-figan duzdeedah nazar
Kabhi sun bhi toh lo hamri battiyaan
Aapke darr se koi na khaali gaya (x2)
Apne daaman ko bhar ke sawaali gaya
Ho habeeb-e-hazin (x2) par bhi Aaqa nazar
Warna auraq-e-hasti bikhar jayenge

Tajdar-e-Haram, Tajdar-e-Haram

Maikashon aao aao Madine chalen
Aao Madine chalen, Aao Madine chalen
Isi mahine chalen, Aao Madine chalen

Tajalliyon ki ajab hai fizaa Madine mein
Nigah-e-shauk ki hai inteha Madine mein
Gham-e-hayat na khauf-e-kazaa Madine mein
Namaz-e-ishq karenge ada Madine mein
Barah-e-raas hai raahe-e-Khuda Madine mein

Aao Madine chalen, Aao Madine chalen
Isi mahine chalen, Aao Madine chalen
Maikashon aao aao Madine chalen
Dast-e-Saaqi-e-Kausar se peene chalen
Yaad rakho agar (x2), uth gayi ek nazar
Jitne khaali hai sabb jaam bhar jayenge
Tajdar-e-Haram, Tajdar-e-Haram

Khof-e-toofan hai, bijliyon ka hai darr
Sakht mushkil hai Aaqa kidhar jayen hum
Ap hi agarr na lenge hamari khabar
Hum musibat ke maaray kidhar jayenge
Tajdar-e-Haram, Tajdar-e-Haram

Ya Mustafa, ya Mujtaba, Eraham-lana, Eraham-lana
Dast-e-hama, bechara ra
Daama tuhi, daama tuhi
Mann aasiyam, Mann ajizam
Mann bekasam, Haal-e-mara
Pursan tuhi, pursan tuhi
Aye Mushtub-e-Zumbar fishaan
Paike Naseem-e-Sub hadam
Aye Charagar Insa-nafas
Aye Muliseh beemar-e-gham
Aye Qaasid-e-parkhundapaye
Tujhko usi gul ki kasam

Innil taya ree has saba
Yauman ila-ardil-Haram
Balligh Salami Roza tann
Fi-han Nabi-al-Mohtaram

Tajdar-e-Haram, ho nigaah-e-karam
Hum ghareebon ke din bhi sanwar jayenge
Haami-e-bekasaan kya kahe ga jahan
Aapke dar se khaali agar jayenge

Tajdar-e-Haram, Tajdar-e-Haram

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Corrected byFaseeh Haider

songmeaningsPost my meaning

  • u
    Yes there are some special meaning both from the voice of dear Aslam, and also very meaning full poem which take the person away from the world and, it makes your pleasure to your my God, and he did very nice as usual. I wish the writer of this poem and for Atif brother successful life with out any tension in both world. Its the honour for us that although I didn't know the meaning of its lyric but when I heard this song, I become so aggressive to computer and I learned very carefully to this song, and I heard it repeatedly and after that I search the lyric of this at Google and I translated to my own language, after that I learned it again and again, as much I was pay attention to this music I was diving and flying to the sky. I wish that each and every singer bring such and voice that even a person that he don't know the language he should translate and learned it very carefully.
    Good bye dear Atif Aslam brother.
    Best regards.
    Dr. Elaj.
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  • u
    I listen this song in car while I was travelling from Jammu to Srinagar believe me tears rolls down from my eyes. I decide to download and whole night I listen songs. I thanks to writer for that outstanding lyrics and Atif bhai how you can do that type of miracles.
    I wish both of beat of luck may Allah bless you and make your future bright and give you good health once again congrate and hope in future we hear more beautiful song like that.
    Best regards
    Ishfaq Ahmed
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  • u
    "Tajdar-e -haram" is a beautiful Naat completely devoted to highness to Nabi(s.a.w.). But Janab Atif Aslam sb. Sung in Which way has so much magnetic and hypnotic effect on soul & mind that I can't remain without hearing before sleeping and after awaking. This has been my daily life, there is facinating sweet in voice of Atif sb. Music also composed very sober & subtle way in relevant to Naat sung. How much may be praised is ever less than feeling. Videography is also vey fine and praiseworthy. "Jannat bhi gawara hai, magar mere liye ,Aye Kaatib-e-Taqdeer, Madina likhde"shows Isq e habibi. Closeness. Cadence too is very beatiful. Wow Atif Aslam sb, an strangeful work done. Assalamoalikum. Be good fortunate evere. Thanking you withregards.
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  • u
    Awaome song when ever I listen that song I feel relief to my soul. I makes me happy and refresh my mind. Every time when am listen this song I try to sing which makes me more and more happy. Thanx to Atif Aslam to sing that song in beautiful, soulful voice. Tajdar-e-haram.
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  • u
    I don't have any idea How can i Explain My Feeling About this Naat , Whenever I fell Depress or Down I always Play and Listen this Beautiful Naat , And i feel Peace , Thank you So much The Lyrics Writer for Writing lyrics Like this , and Thank you so much Aatif Aslam for Your Touching Voice "Love from India"
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