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Asher Roth – Outside lyrics

Yeah, yeah
The last thing I wanna be is out here
Rather be outside in the green...
Climb trees, maybe play ball basket
I got two feet, I don't need no taxi
Relaxing underneath the sky so blue
In the sun so warm there's so much I wanna do
But locked in a studio while outside is beautiful
All the fresh air, you can't get us out of...
Turn off the computer yo, use your own...
We could do whatever you want, it's up to you to know!
Ride with your friends, man, stop...
Cause when this world ends, all that's left is the...
... go ahead and have some adventure
Please, ever since the turn of the century
People losing such a...
So put your hands out, feel the breeze, feel the heat cause

I really wanna go out, I really wanna go outside and...
I really wanna go out, I really wanna go outside and...

The more we're cooped up we become lose nuts
But when we do stuff, maybe we could losen up
And stop stressing of the things that are present
Cause yeah... is a delicate...
Fruits and vegies...
Food is the truth, oops, that's a new lesson
Learn from it, it's your stomach if you're...
It's probably cause the food ain't for the earth, cousin
Works something you should enjoy
Usually... but now it's amazing if you was employed
So keep... and find the things in the foil
And... the oil, what's important is the soil
No more murder, keep it fertile, jump the...
Even pacing like a turtle, still make it to the... white gates
What a... to escape from the haze, and the hate, everything goes away, so

I really wanna go out, I really wanna go outside and...
I really wanna go out, I really wanna go outside and

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