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Asher Roth – His Dream lyrics

[Verse 1: Asher Roth]
He leans back from his desk
Rubs the back of his neck, the stress takes effect
Grips the bridge of his noise
Squints while he's showing emotion he normally won't
At 56, he re-evaluates
Possibly regretting some decisions that he's made
Black is turning grey, patches of his age
Reflecting from the glasses of passive of every page
Passionately Dave reads, reading on occasion
Dreaming of the day when he can do the same thing
He's always wanted to write, that's all he's wanted in life
With two daughters, a son and a remarkable wife
He's in a bind, he has to provide
A family is relying on a millie to survive
His father died at 56
So he's well aware how vital a father figure is
How big of a responsibility it is
To be a good husband and care for your kids
Never miss an event, helping them with their homework
Discipline to prevent things when they're older
His only son is only 21
And focus as a poet has only just begun
Papa isn't dumb, he understands what this means
His dream is my dream, my dream is his dream

[Chorus: Miguel]
I close my eyes and I can see (His dream)
The sacrifices he made for me (His dream)
Put it aside for his family (His dream)
Yeah, so I'ma keep it alive, Yeah

[Verse 2: Asher Roth]
And so he targeted to be the dream guardian
Guarding it from anything and anyone whose harming it
But in his heart, he knows the hardest thing about it is
Giving up on his dream to be all about his kids
As he kisses the lips of the misses
For 24 years going on the 25th
He thinks to himself, this alone is a wealth
It's greater than what's bought and then sold on the shelf
Sometimes a dream is all that we have
We have to continue to dream
Cause once it is lost amongst other thoughts
Then what really are we, what are we?


[Verse 3: Asher Roth]
So he sits back at his desk
Cracking his knuckles and back of his neck
Faxing a paper displaying his name
On another application explaining the main
Things they should know but the things that they don't
Are the things that distinguish him as an adult
And over the phone, he can never expose
The role that he chose, the role in his home
And at home, he's a leader, a father
He'll prove it by using his son and his daughters
In their life, he'll be playing the part of
The one who inspires, the one we admire
His only son is only 21
And focus as a poet has only just begun
Papa isn't dumb, he understands what this means
His dream is my dream, my dream is his dream


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