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A$AP Rocky – Wassup lyrics

Clams Casino, ASAP (Wassup)
See me in the hood the gangsters saying wassup (Wassup)

[Verse 1]
Back once again, sipping Hen, mixed with juice and gin
Bitches in, couple lady friends countin Benjamins
Spinners in, on the 20-twins that Mercedes-Benz
Different things made a change of plans well that all depends
Shout-out my parolees and I smoke that OG
Kush mother fuck the police, all my niggers rock gold teeth
So hood and we so street, sippin on that codeine
We hustle hard no sleep, your bitch loose that's no leash

I ain't talkin 'bout no money, I ain't talkin 'bout no cars
Talking 'bout no diamonds cause that shit is a facade
Times is really hard, I fucked a couple broads

Smoked some purple out the jars, let me tell you who we are

I be that pretty motherfucker, Harlem's what I'm repping
Tell 'em quit the bitching, we gon' make it in a second
Pretty motherfucker, Harlem's what I'm repping
Tell 'em call the bitch and we gon' make it in a second
See me in the hood the gangsters saying wassup (Wassup)

[Verse 2]
Pretty nigga in some shit you never heard of
Only thing bigger than my ego is my mirror
Yeah, clothes getting weirder
Money get longer, pretty nigga pin your hair up
The nerves with this dude but I'm cool as a vent
40 OZ full of blue


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