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As One – White Love Story lyrics

Cho-umen alji mothae-sso
Narul bonun / kudae-ye gu / nunbichi
Wae gurohke / antakkawon-nun-ji

Onjena modko shipdon mal
Aju chogum / nae mam algo in-nunji
Hanbon-do yae-gi-han chogopsotji-man

Ijen anun-de kudae-do nachorom
Haruharul hemae-yotdon gol
Chamdul su obshi
Nomu apahae-ssotdan(un) gol
Sonul chamayo
Tashinun kudae nohji anhulke
Saranghaeyo naega sumshwimnun nalkkaji

Kudaero mom-chwobolyotjyo
Nayegen nul
Mojilkeman tae-hadon kudae-ga
Nal bomyo usojudon nal

Ijen anun-de kudae-do nachorom
Haruharul hemae-yotdon gol
Chamdul su obshi
Nomu apa-haessotdan(un) gol
Sonul chabatjyo
Tashinun narul nohji marayo
Saranghaeyo naega nun-gam-nun nalkkaji

Ulji anhayo ije kudae
Nae gyote issuni
Komawoyo irohke mojaran nae-ge
Kudae-rul sonmul-hae-jwoso

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Submitted bysato119


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    White love story (ost coffee prince) is very meaningful and really touched my heart the moment I read its english translation and even its melody.
    We already knew the feelings of being in-love such as being happy, ofcourse, so inspiring, so wonderful, everything seems to be fine.
    But how about the feelings of being broken-hearted? It is really painful, sad, you're happy with your friends but deep inside the pain kills you deep within your heart especially when you are all alone in your room crying all over again.
    There is a saying that, "if you love someone, set him free. If he comes back, he is yours and if not you are not meant to be! "
    In white love story it shows the feelings of being together again and a promise that they will love each other until their last breathe.
    ~ lhoidie (//_♥)
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