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As I Lay Dying – Moving Forward lyrics

We're born helpless
But guided by humanity
What was compassion?
Soon controls the way we think

Familiarity has left me desitized
And inanity keeps deception disguised

We are lost but keep moving forward
To find the truth we must turn around

History reveals an inviting
Sense of compromise
Our customs destroyed
What was once unique

Traditions started with useful intention
Now Subjugate those too numb to question

We are lost but keep moving forward
To find the truth we must turn around
We are lost!
To find the truth we must turn around

I desire to wake from Sedation
And begin to seperate
The truth from tradition

We are lost but keep moving forward
To find the truth we must turn around
We are lost but keep moving forward
To find the truth we must turn around
We are lost but keep moving forward
To find the truth we must turn around

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    Cody Sisco
    I believe it refers most to religion. Most of their writing if not all of it, could have some ties to any religion. Good Ole Timmy, before going off to prison, even came out saying he was atheist. Being on top of his research, he would research contradicting points of view.

    "What was compassion?
    Soon controls the way we think."
    I believe this Refers to God's(Unsure if it would be El Elyon, or Yahweh/Jehovah since the bible refers to both as "God") Love for humankind. For a large portion of history, the majority couldn't read, thus they were relying upon some reverence to bestow God's Compassion upon them and to teach them the ways of being a Christian.

    "Familiarity has left me desensitized
    And inanity keeps deception disguised."
    How many stories(if you are Christian) did you hear growing up? Christmas being the birth of Jesus. Easter being his resurrection. Etc. Ill keep it to these two examples. Most everyone is familiar with these stories, even if they aren't Christian. Humankind is desensitized from our history and our cultures. Google the meanings of both "Christmas" and " Easter" if you disbelieve me. [Do your own research.] Inanity=Stupidity. So, Stupidity keeps deception alive. People are so "Inane" they will believe these holidays are indeed about Jesus. another supporting Verse from the song that kind of supports this theory is:
    "Traditions started with useful intention
    Now Subjugate those too numb to question.
    These are two of many " Holidays" that began as traditions that Christianity Assimilated to fit their agenda.
    Another supporting verse:
    "Our customs destroyed
    What was once unique."
    Wording is everything. They use the word "[Our] Customs destroyed." This song is sung from a point of view of someone who is not christian, or who is against the flow of modern humanity.
    I don't feel i need anymore supporting verses to get that message across. im sure i will have people to argue with me. Religion has so many people wrapped around their finger. They use verses out of context from one book to idolize the son of their God, while taking verses from other books to condemn others beliefs; mostly from the Holy Qur'an.
    "I desire to wake from Sedation
    And begin to separate
    The truth from tradition."
    Simple enough, people need to do their own research. people need to understand that modern beliefs are not cracked up to the image we have given them. Most of our modern holidays are Pagan. not christian.Even so, there are story fragments/ beings in the bible that have been assimilated from other " mythologies." one of which was Canaanite mythology. Canaan was the son of one of Noah's Three sons. God had saved them from the flood because they were righteous people, and would continue to praise Him. yet Canaan who began the Canaanite lineage has their own Mythology Which is where we get " El" (God-Father of the Gods, The Bull, Etc) from. Why am I bringing this up? "Separate the truth from tradition. " Research...

    "We are lost but keep moving forward
    To find the truth we must turn around."

    Humanity needs to revert back to a simpler lifestyle. I believe it is referring to before a time that Christianity had assimilated pagan customs into their beliefs. So, for answers, we must turn to a period of time and writings that predate Christianity, or even Judaism.In those early scrips, and clay tablets, i believe the answers for humanity will be revealed. Shame that ISIS is destroying these old Mesopotamian Cities with all this in it
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  • u
    I think it ways we are going the wrong way but we keep moving forward (using a play of words in which 'moving forward' usually means to progress but in this sense, we are actually moving backward and more backward). But we need to totally turn around and go the right way because no matter how we 'progress', if it's not in god's way, then we're going the wrong way.
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  • u
    People that relate everything to religion are truly ignorant. Instead of restricting this songs meaning to yourselves, why not make it clear by giving it a general presumption or meaning? For example, "traditions started with useful intentions, but subjugates to those too numb to question" obviously means that things that are started with good intentions usually backfire and are exploited for their use. The overall meaning of this song is that, at times, the only way to move forward is to go back, thus the saying, "old is gold".
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