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Artifacts – Who's This? lyrics

[El Da Sensai]
Who's this? With the vocal pitch, I blitz
We be the top choice, moist, voice my script
Significant, different styles on instinct
Make sense, when rockin rhymes over instruments
Known for the graf, although the crowd comes first
Activist, specialist, of the ultimate verse
All subjects correct, image is the key
If you want your peers respect show versatility
Type strange, how the whole sound is rearranged
Changed, so many players entered in the game
But not these two, we past dues, smash crews
You ask what's the task slash we bringin the news
Dialogue, strong, not your average cabbage
Savage on the mic while other crews can't manage
Cause in these times the rhymes pay all things
Rent, bills plus your diamond pinky ring
[El] Comin from the Bricks, all mics we rip
[Kaos] (Who's this? Kickin in your Benzi box crisp)
[Tame] With the fat penmanship for the championship
[Kaos] (Who's this? Kickin in your Benzi box crisp)
[El] Fat tracks, lyrics, New Jerus click
[Kaos] (who's this? Kickin in your Benzi box crisp)
[Tame] We comin from the back with the ultimate blitz
[Kaos] (Who's this? Kickin in your Benzi box crisp)
[Tame One]
Holy Moses, I'ma come down like drug doses
With a voltage, cause I'm ready to shock whoever's closest
Bold enough to dismiss tricks, up in the mix
With my rhyme skit, bad with the ad-libs behind it
Time it, the rapper's precionist, ain't no dissin us
It's just, another rap attack for your to discuss
It's us, fresh in the flesh, up in your session
Wildin out like sex without protection
Right before your eyes I'ma rise up and size up
The status of the rappers while I sit in the back

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