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Arlo Guthrie – Here We Are/way Out In The Country lyrics

Words and Music by Arlo Guthrie

Here I am
Won't you take me in your arms tonight
And there you are
Looking like the stars are in your eyes
Here we go
You know it's been so long since we were lovers
I don't know
If I felt this way since then and baby why
Why we said good-bye
Why we sat and cried
Why we ever let this happen to us

I don't care
Where you've been, I've been there too
You know that
You and me
We had some growing on our own to do now
Let's get on
You know the time's a-wasting
Morning's breaking
Here we are
Looking like we used to be and baby why
Why we said good-bye
Why we sat and cried
Why we ever let this happen to us

There's a bird flying high
Way up in the air
And I am sitting here with you at my side
Way out in the country

There's a lot of real big trees
Rolling gently on the breeze
And I am playing with the bumble bees
Out in the country

Puffy clouds are in the air
If it rains well we won't care
'Cause you look good in your underwear
Way out in the country

Here I am
Let me take you in my arms and hold you
Once again
It feels like we are coming home and well
Remember when
We were young and so in love together
Here we are
Happy like we used to be, and baby why
Why we said good-bye
Why we stood and cried
Why we ever let this this happen to us

You know the time is at an end
And you and I can just be friends
And if we let this moment pass
I think we both know it won't come again

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