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Ariana Grande – My Everything lyrics

I've cried enough tears to see my own reflection in them
And then it was clear
I can't deny
I really missed him

To think that I was wrong
I guess you don't know what you got 'til it's gone
Pain is just a consequence of love
And saying sorry for the sake of us

He wasn't my everything 'til we were nothing
And it's taken me a lot to say
And now that he's gone, my heart is missing something
So it's time to push our pride away
'Cause you are, you are, you are my everything
You are, you are, you are my everything

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My Everything meanings

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    Ariana is saying that this dude was nothing until she lost him. And she didn't have the courage to say it at first but eventually she gathered up her courage and said it and she's hoping that he feels the same way and she's also sorry for letting him go the way that she did because she never really realized how much he meant to her. And she's a little hurt but that's the consiqurnce of love so she's just going to deal with it. Ariana also knows that saying sorry won't fix anything so she's not going to say sorry. So it's like sorry not sorry but she is sorry if you know what I mean. She's just not going to say sorry but she is sorry (I'm sorry I know that made no sense at all). And yeah that's it.
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