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Arcwelder – I Hear & Obey lyrics

(music arcwelder/words w. graber & s. macdonald)

It's not bill
And it's not scott
It's not brian
And it's not rob
I don't know where to begin...

Begin where it's simple
Begin at the end
Begin with all you can't defend
Begin at the end...

And disappointment bring the least
Well this is less the you conceived
It ends with the first

Before the beginning
And after the end
It can't be funny
It didn't bend
I didn't want this at all... at all... at all.

A blindered horse a wind up toy
I'm on auto pilot I am a cog in the machine
Am I a mindless drone or heartless sap
Now matter how you slice it I am a cog in the machine

They say to stay in school then get a job
But mainstream society doesn't care if your happy
I play the fool go with the mob
Corporate america doesn't care if I'm happy

Settle down and play along
Die unfulfilled just like anybody else
And well now damn it now I live a lie
Write it down I'm not like everybody else

Today I march along I follow blindly
I do what they tell me I hear and obey
I sing my song I treat 'em kindly
You are my master I hear and obey

I didn't want it... it's all the same no face no name
I didn't want it... it's all the same big town small game
I didn't want it... it's all the same no risk no gain
I didn't want it... it's all the same big weight small frame

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